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Lapcare Decibel Laptop USB Speaker (Black)

  • Stereo Speakers: Go completely hands free and enjoy your favourite characters from TV series mouthing their famous lines or those tyres screeching when the chase is on aided by the brilliant stereo speakers.
  • Compact Design: The Compactly designed speakers can be clipped on your laptop. Go completely Handsfree and move around with your laptop as per your needs. Take a position you are comfortable with.
  • USB Connection: Go on a Binge watching marathon and no need to worry about the speakers losing power in the mid night. The speakers are powered thorugh a USB connection to your laptop. Designed with ease of use in mind.
  • Colours Available: Available in a wide range of colours that you can match with your laptop as per your mood.

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The Lapcare Multimedia speaker is perfect for your laptop. You can clip on the speaker to your laptop neatly and it creates a sense of cleanliness. No worries about losing your comfortable position becuase of speakers nor restrict yourself to a spot. Go handsfree and still watch your favourite TV series characters mouth their famous dialogues enhanced by the stereo speakers. It also has a very premium finish and the case is manufactured in black colour aluminiun.

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