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Dell Premier Wireless ANC Headset – WL7022

Dell Premier Wireless ANC Headset – WL7022





Exceptional audio clarity with on-demand active noise cancellation features

Attend calls all day hassle-free with superb audio clarity and high-quality stereo sound. The on-demand active noise cancellation feature allows you to block out ambient noise and stay focused on your conversations. Switching off the active noise cancellation feature gives you the option to stay connected to your surroundings, even with your headset on.

Intuitive features and smart call controls

Intuitive call features: Smart sensors automatically mute calls when you remove your headset and resume your call when you put it back on.

Easy access to call features: Answer your calls, adjust the volume, redial, and mute/unmute on the go with convenient call controls on your headset.

Wear it your way: Optimized for all day comfort and audio clarity; the boom mic can be easily adjusted to your left or right, whichever side you prefer.

Hearing protection: This feature automatically detects sudden loud noises and prevents audio spikes to protect your hearing.

Confirm your status at a glance: The status indicator light on your USB dongle lets you know if you’re on mute or in a call.

Real time voice prompts: Enhanced audio alerts automatically announce your connection status, talk time and mute status.

Enjoy all day comfort and ease of use

Comfortable and Secure: Leatherette earpads and an adjustable leatherette headband provides hours of comfort with a secure fit.

Easy charging: Charge your headset by placing it on the charging stand or by connecting it to your PC via the USB cable.

Seamless Integration: Switch across a multitude of devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones easily and conveniently.

Pack up quick: Foldable earpads let you easily pack up and an included pouch protects your headset on the go.

Product Features

1. Charging Stand | 2. USB Dongle | 3. Power on/off and Bluetooth switch | 4. Mute button | 5. Active noise canceling switch | 6. Call controls


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