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LowestRate Laptop Power Cable Cord (1.5 Meter/4.9 Feet) – 3 Pin Indian Plug – 3 Years Warranty

Colour Black
Brand LowestRate
Connector Gender Male-to-Female
Plug Type Type D
Item Weight 180 Grams

About this item

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Built using high-quality Annealed Bare class 5 copper wires & provides overload protection. Outer PVC cover is made of high-grade ST3 Compound material with 0.80mm which provides anti-interference & better isolation.
  • SAFETY: A rugged & durable cable ideal for everyday use. This power cord is stress-tested for reliability, resilience, maximum safety, durability & long life. The 0.60mm thickness of PVC insulation prevents current leakage and breakdown of the cable, ensuring safe usage.
  • STURDY DESIGN: Designed for durability and dependability, it’s ideal for environments where cords and cables are regularly unplugged and plugged back in. Replace your worn-out or missing power cords with this high-quality laptop power cord.
  • COMPATIBILITY: It’s designed to fit all 3-prong mickey mouse laptop adapters / chargers & adapters for devices such as Laptop Computer / Video Games / Notebooks / Printers / LCD TFT CRT Monitors / Audio Equipment / Game Player Consoles / DVD Players / Cameras & many-more electronic devices. The cable has standard 3 Pin Indian plug male connector.
  • WARRANTY – 3 Years manufacturer warranty. For replacement & support: email: care@lowestrate.in or call: 875-0003-875



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