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Philips Audio Performance TAPH802BK Hi-Res Audio Bluetooth Headphones

Philips Audio Performance TAPH802BK Hi-Res Audio Bluetooth 5.0 Over-Ear Headphones with Quick Charge (Black)
Brand Philips Audio
Colour Black
Connector Type Wireless
Model Name Performance
Form Factor Over Ear
  • every commute – 30 hours play time
  • 40 mm neodymium acoustic drivers
  • detailed sound. powerful bass
  • perfectly tuned comfort
  • flexible design
  • rapid charge – charge for 5 minutes, get 2 hours play
  • quick charge – charge for 15 minutes, get 6 hours play



From the manufacturer

Innovation n You

Feels good. Looks good. Plays long.


Sleek design with 30 hours play time

The PH802 wireless over-ear headphones make travelling anywhere more enjoyable by providing balanced, detailed sound and up to 30 hours play time. While quick-charging grants you round-the-clock entertainment, excellent passive noise isolation ensures you are truly immersed in what you are listening to. The headphones also support wired listening, thanks to an audio-in port which keeps the music going, long after your battery has died. Along with this, a Hi-Res audio capability coupled with a rich, powerful bass ensure that you hear every detail – exactly as the artist intended.

Multi-Function Button

Flat-Folding Design

Sleek design. 30 hours play time

A Button For Many Functions

Easily control music and calls via the multi-function button.

Don’t like the current track? Skip it with a long press.

Want to reject a call and keep listening? A simple button-press takes care of that.

Compact Design

These headphones boast soft ear-cups that fold neatly into two configurations. You can fold them flat, perfect for storing in an office drawer; or you can fold them flat and inwards, creating a compact bundle that fits into coat pockets and bags.

Sleek design. 30 hours play time

Week in, week out, these headphones are up to the most demanding commute. A single charge takes just 1.5 hours, and gives you 30 hours play time or talk time. Two levels of fast charging,Rapid Charge and Quick Charging give you an extra 2 or 6 hours play time. So you can keep listening Monday to Friday, and beyond.

With NC


Rapid/Quick Charge

Hi-Res Audio

Passive Noise Cancelling in a Sleek Design

The over-ear design of the ear cups passively isolate external noise. And look good while doing it.


Bluetooth connectivity lets you enjoy your headphones without the hassle of wires.

Rapid/Quick Charging

Rapid Charge – Charge for 5 minutes, get 2 hours play.

Quick Charge – Charge for 15 minutes, get 6 hours play.

Hi-Res Audio

Twinkling pianos. Blistering rock. Whatever you love, Hi-Res Audio headphones let you feel the full impact of every note. When wired to a Hi-Res source, you’ll get the full benefit of lossless audio that’s recorded at a higher sample rate than CDs for a brilliantly lifelike performance.

Technical Details


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