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Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Cashew and Almond, 600g

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Cashew and Almond, 600g

  • Rich butter cookies with nuts – just the way Mom would make it
  • Loaded with roasted cashews and almonds lending a nourishing, nutty flavour
  • Prepared in roasted butter with sweet caramely notes for a rich aroma and a wholesome crunch
  • A favourite tea time snack, which is baked to golden perfection – with love.
  • An abundance of good, high quality ingredients for a cookie that is enveloped in Mom’s hugs and Magical taste.




Product information

Technical Details

“Mom’s Magic Cashew Almond Cookies – Just the way Mom would make it. Nutty cookies, Mom’s Magic are loaded with choicest cashews and almonds which are roasted to perfection for a rich, full-bodied taste. Complemented with roasted Butter that has mildly sweet caramel notes, which give a unique flavour and rich smoothness to Mom’s Magic Biscuits. A perfect tea time snack, these cookies are your 4pm companion for when you want a bite of sweet nuttiness that envelops your senses just like a mom’s hug. Enjoy these baked biscuits and step into a world abundant with warmth, heartfelt hugs and mom’s magical taste.”

From the manufacturer

Mom Magic
Moms Magic


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