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Zinq ZQ-1200 Combo of Full-Size Keyboard with Noiseless Keys

Zinq ZQ-1200 Combo of Full-Size Keyboard with Noiseless Keys, Rupee (₹) Symbol and Optical Mouse with 1600 DPI, Black
  • Full size 104 keys with hotkeys to perform special functions. Includes Rupee Symbol key as well.
  • Noiseless design with soft-press keys which help you to work for hours without creating a disturbance.
  • Plug & play connectivity with a long wire makes it easy to move around your desk and work with it. No delays or lags, extremely fast connection.
  • Class 2 Speed Rating with 45X writing speed. This makes the keyboard faster than others when it comes to typing.
  • Ergonomic design with a durable body. Gives you space to rest your hands so that you can type comfortably for hours.
  • Zinq mouse with plug and play connectivity and ambidextrous design. It’s totally lightweight.
  • Has 1000 DPI which makes it convenient for gaming as well as regular use.


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From the manufacturer

Keyboard mouse combo
Keyboard mouse combo

ZQ-1200 Full-Size Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Best for your workplace, be it in your office or home

For your workplace, you need accessories that can make you proactive and increase your overall output. This combo does exactly that. The keyboard generates a feel-good factor while typing as its keys are designed with such precise mechanisms that you won’t experience sore fingertips while typing. The mouse too is a work of craftsmanship. Its 1600 DPI makes it a brilliant device for regular use and gaming.

Product Features

  • Full-Size Keyboard with 104 keys
  • Sleek design, durable body
  • Plug & Play Connection
  • No batteries required
  • Mouse with 1600 DPI

keyboard mouse combo

keyboard mouse combo

keyboard mouse combo

Enhanced Optical Sensor

The Standard 1600 DPI makes the mouse equally proficient for gaming and everyday use. Its powerful optical sensor helps it move swiftly and smoothly over surfaces.

No Drivers Required

The keyboard connects instantly when docked to your system without the need for additional drivers to be involved. When it connects it runs smoothly without creating any lags.

Ergonomic design

Both the keyboard and mouse are made of highly durable materials. The keyboard has a sleek, voguish look and the mouse is ambidextrous, making it best for both hands. They also consume very little space.

keyboard mouse combo
keyboard mouse combo

Splash Proof

You can sit with your coffee mug or with a cup of water while using the mouse or keyboard as both the devices guard themselves against mild liquid splashes.

Technical Details


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